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Take My Life, Please

“That’s why we have this guy,” Mr. Hertzberg says. “So the patients can say, I may be really sick, but at least I’m not Maury.” Jay Dixit writes for October 31, 2004 – By JAY DIXIT – New York Region / The City


Joey Gay’s Excellent Adventure

“When I sold the topless bar,” Mr. Gay said, “I swore I’d never own another club of any sort. It’s barely organized chaos.” March 6, 2005 – By JAY DIXIT – New York Region / The City

  • Graphic: When Dessert Was Pay Enough


It’s a Blog-Eat-Blog World

NEW YORK BLOGS: The Duel for the Dirt. Published: January 30, 2005.  – By JAY DIXIT – New York Region / The City


HOW IT WORKS; So That a Disaster Isn’t a Communications Disaster

By JAY DIXIT New York Times Circuits Section. WHEN commanders gave the order for firefighters and other emergency workers to withdraw from the World Trade Center on 9/11… September 12, 2002 – By JAY DIXIT


Police Get Their Man: From a Chimney

JENNIFER 8. LEE AND JAY DIXIT. Published: May 15, 2006. The mystery started around 2 am yesterday when police officers were called to a Manhattan rooftop to chase two… May 15, 2006 – By JENNIFER 8. LEE and JAY DIXIT