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How to get over heartbreak

By November 23, 2010October 5th, 2020Uncategorized

The best way to get over a broken heart is to actively and unconditionally wish joy and happiness for your beloved in her new life without you.

It’s a part of a meditation called metta—also known as maitrī, or lovingkindness—in which you practice a pure love free of self-interest, finding happiness in the happiness of another.

The focus of the meditation is to wish unconditional well-being on your beloved in several forms:

  1. Safety. May she be free from harm or danger.
  2. Happiness. May she be happy and joyful wherever she is.
  3. Physical health. May she be healthy and strong.
  4. Ease. May she have ease of well-being, walking through this world unencumbered and free of worry.

You must not only imagine this—you must actively wish it for her.

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