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An Englishman in the Tropics

By February 25, 2010January 17th, 2014Uncategorized

I moved into a great new place on January 1st, and now I’m getting ready to decorate my room. As I tried to figure out what style I wanted, a friend suggested I find an image that captures the look and feel l like.

Here’s the one I selected:


It’s a still photo taken from The Painted Veil, a movie in which Ed Norton plays an English bacteriologist sent to the Far East to contain a cholera epidemic. I love the contrast between the English, sitting on their steamer trunks in their proper Victorian clothes, and the green, wet tropical feel of their surroundings. I love the palette of this tableau—English cigar leather, white linen suits, brown earth, green grass, and grey mist among the mountains in the distance. And I’ve always loved being outside in the rain.

Any suggestions for furniture, art, or decorative accents that match this aesthetic? Or where I can buy a poster-size print of the above?