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Jay Dixit at the Cannes Film FestivalJay Dixit is an award-winning science writer, journalist, and writing professor whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Harvard Business Review, Wired, and Psychology Today.

Jay attended Yale University, where he studied nonfiction writing under Fred Strebeigh and Robert Stone, and graduated cum laude with distinction in the psychology major. His senior thesis was published in The Journal of Social Issues and has been cited more than 400 times.

Jay got his start as a journalist covering college life for Rolling Stone, then went on to cover standup comedy for The New York Times before developing a subject matter specialty covering psychology and neuroscience. His work appears in the anthology The Best of Technology Writing.

For four years, Jay served as Senior Editor at Psychology Today—where he covered personality, neuroscience, behavioral economics, decision making, learning and memory, social influence and persuasion, consumer behavior, happiness, love and relationships, and attraction and sex, writing and editing many of the magazine’s highest-selling cover stories. Later, he joined The Neuroleadership Institute, where he wrote about creativity, performance, unconscious bias, and the neuroscience of diversity and inclusion.

As an interviewer, Jay has spoken to Spike Lee, Tim Roth, Willem Dafoe, Tony Robbins, Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, Valerie Plame, Bob Mankoff, Will Shortz, Greg Giraldo, Paula Scher, and Todd Hanson, as well as researchers including Dan Ariely, Jonathan Haidt, Mihály Csikszentmihályi, and Helen Fisher. Jay also conducted George Carlin’s last interview—which the legendary comedian called the “most complete interview” of his life.

Jay was a creative writing professor at Yale University, where his popular class The Art of Storytelling was offered as an undergraduate writing seminar. He’s also the Founder of Storytelling.NYC, through which he teaches storytelling classes, writing workshops, and corporate training seminars to companies in New York City and across the country, including LG Electronics, Redfin, and Bank of America. He’s also a winner of The Moth, a live stage storytelling competition based in New York, and his story “My Father’s Love” appears on The Moth Radio Hour and NPR and is the basis for the short film In Transit.